Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense


Studying Abroad

At Paris Ouest, we are well aware of the important benefits of studying abroad, and we encourage students to undertake this unique experience, not only to enhance their studies and deepen their knowledge of a foreign language, but also to gain understanding of another culture and learn to adapt to another way of thinking and living.

Students who have taken this opportunity have never come back to Paris Ouest disappointed. They have, on the contrary, found the experience enriching, and have understood that it was the gateway to autonomy, an open mind, adaptibility and a successful transition to the professional world.

Overseas Internships

The new organisation of internships (within the LMD system) aim to emphasize and better integrate pre-professional experiences, particularly those obtained abroad.

These internships periods can, in certain circumstances, be financed by overseas study grants handled by the International Relations Department.

Date of update April 21, 2011